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HEALIO: VIDEO: New metric from CGM data provides single score for glucose assessment

MEDSCAPE: What Is the Glycemic Risk Index and Why Do We Need It?

UPI: Pacemakers, insulin pumps can be hacked, experts say

HEALIO: Glycemia Risk Index provides new tool for assessing glycemic control with CGM data

HEALIO: Stakeholders challenged to take action at first Green Diabetes Summit

MEDSCAPE: Continuous Ketone Monitoring Has Potential to Cut DKA in Diabetes

DIATRIBE: Glycemia Risk Index – An Emerging Measurement to Complement Your TIR

HEALIO: Connectivity, digital tools becoming the ‘sixth vital sign’ in health care

MEDSCAPE: Wearable Continuous Ketone Monitoring Appears Feasible

HEALIO: Continuous ketone monitoring may provide early identification of DKA

HP ENTERPRISE.NXT: How the edge is reshaping healthcare

MEDSCAPE: Protecting Patients With Diabetes From Impact of COVID-19

ENDOCRINOLOGY ADVISOR: Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in the Hospital Setting

HEALIO: Telehealth shift during COVID-19 pandemic shows capacity to deliver safe, convenient care

ENDOCRINE NEWS: New App Helps Improve Diabetes Care in Patients with COVID-19

ENDOCRINE NEWS: Pandemic Parallels: Glycemic Control in COVID-19 Patients

MEDSCAPE: Largest Study to Date Links Glucose Control to COVID-19 Outcomes

NEWSDAY: Coronavirus poses special risks for diabetics

HEALIO: Uncontrolled hyperglycemia, diabetes drive longer hospital stay, mortality in COVID-19

ELSEVIER: Diabetes Digital Health (Edited by David Klonoff et al.)

THE WASHINGTON POST: DIY diabetes tech gains popularity with patients and parents fed up with clunky mainstream medical devices

HEALIO: Postoperative infections less frequent with insulin pump therapy for adults with diabetes

THE DIPLOMAT: Cost of Diabetes Reaches $850 Billion a Year Globally

ADA: David Klonoff, MD, President of Diabetes Technology Society, receives an international award from the American Diabetes Association.

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