Diabetes Technology Meeting

2018 Submitted Abstracts

Amra Ajsic Assessment Of Infusion Set Survival Of The Newly Developed Lantern Catheter In Type 1 Diabetes By Glucose Clamp Technique
Adel Alaeddini Using Machine Learning Methods For Dynamic Forecasting And Control Of Type 2 Diabetes Using Mobile-Based Health Lifestyle Data
Tinna Björk  Aradóttir Predictive Dosing Support For Long Acting Insulin In Type 2 Diabetes
Timothy Bailey Pops! One Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) Tightly Integrated With A Mobile App And Novel Lancing System, Is Accurate And Easy To Use 
Venkataraman Balaraman Safety And Efficacy Of An Electronic Glycemic Management System Among Labor And Delivery Patients At A Not-For-Profit Hospital In Hawaii 
Stefan Ovesen Banke Non-Invasive Raman-Based Glucose Monitoring With Weeks Of Sustained Calibration
Carsten Benesch New Clamp-PID Algorithm Outperforms Biostator Algorithm In Automated Glucose Clamps 
Richard M Bergenstal Glucose Profile Indicator – A Simple Combined Measure Of Mean Glucose, Glycemic Variability And Hypoglycemia For Better Diabetes Management
Wendy Bevier Activity Monitoring In Latino Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
Gabriel Bitton Real Time Blood Glucose Levels Control For Patients On Basal Insulin Injection Therapy 
Romain Blanc Insulin Sensitivity, A Function Of Blood Glucose Level: Proof Of Concept On Sp7 Multi-Centric Clinical Study.
Deanna Bogner Retrospective Evaluation Of Abbott Precision Xceed Pro Glucose Meter In Hospital Environment.
Jesse Bridgewater Driving Behavior Change In A Large Population Of People With Diabetes Using Stochastic And Ml Algorithms
Bruce Buckingham Ready-To-Use Liquid Glucagon Rescue Pen – A Phase 3 Study Of Plasma Glucose Recovery In Pediatric Patients With Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
Peter Calhoun Lag Time Of A Sixth-Generation Continuous Glucose Monitoring System 
Nunzio Camerlingo A New CGM-Based Algorithm To Generate Preventive Hypotreatments: An In-Silico Assessment
Faye Cameron Using Patient Activity Trends To Predict Impending Exercise And Sleep
Giacomo Cappon CGM-Based Improvement And Personalization Of The Standard Formula For Insulin Meal-Bolus Calculation In Type 1 Diabetes
LaTivia Carr Evaluating The Impact Of Egms-Glucommander On Length Of Stay, Hypoglycemia And Glucose Control Used In A Regional Medical Center
Manoj Chawla Advanced Glycemic Care Approach By Identifying Diurnal Glycemic Patterns And Hba1c Factorisation Utilising The Flash Glucose Monitoring
Divya Choudhary Activity Detection And Activity Level Categorization In Free-Living Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes
Elaine Chow Effectiveness And Safety Of A Novel Percutaneous Optical Fiber Continuous Glucose Sensor (Fibersense) In Clinic And Home Use In Patients With Diabetes
Mark Chrisitansen A Phase 3 Comparison Of A Ready-To-Use Liquid Glucagon Rescue Pen To Glucagon Emergency Kit For The Treatment Of Severe Hypoglycemia
Mark Chrisitansen  A Phase 3 Comparison Of A Ready-To-Use Liquid Glucagon Rescue Pen To Glucagon Emergency Kit For The Symptomatic Relief Of Severe Hypoglycemia
John Corbett Minimum CGM Requirements To Assess Risk In T1D
Martin Cummins An Assessment Of Usability And Drug Preparation Time For A Ready-To-Use Liquid Glucagon Rescue Pen
Thomas Danne Increased Time In Range And Improved Glycemic Variability With Sotagliflozin In Combination With Insulin In Adults With Type 1 Diabetes: A Pooled Analysis Of 24-Week Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data
Sven Delbeck Fast And Reliable Insulin Identification In Insulin Formulations And Ultrafiltrates By Maldi Tof Mass Spectrometry
Sven Delbeck Quality Control And Determination Of Molecular Stability For Different Insulins Using Ftir-Atr Spectroscopy
Feliz Demircik Inaccurate Performance Of A Specific Blood Glucose Meter In Recent Randomized Clinical Trials
Laya Ekhlaspour Impact Of Fat Content On Postprandial Glucose Excursions While In A Hybrid Closed-Loop System
Shabnam Elahi Assessment Of Subject-Specific Insulin Sensitivity (SI) Daily Pattern In Adolescents And Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes During Open-Loop Treatment
Simone Faccioli Exploitation Of Physical Activity Data To Better Predict Glucose In Type 1 Diabetes
Leonard Fan Predicting Blood Glucose In T1D Patients Using Recursive Neural Networks
Chris Fardmanesh Atificial Pancrease
Elizabeth Fischman Evaluation Of Nyu’s Pilot Course, Introduction To Biomedical Entrepreneurship
Frank Flacke Sensing Solutions On The Nanoscale To Allow For Improved Functionality Of Medical Devices And Diagnostic Procedures 
Simon Friedman Non-Invasive Control Of Blood Glucose In-Vivo Using A Photo-Activated Insulin Depot
Laura Gandrud Use Of A Novel Mobile Platform, Pops! One, Improves Diabetes Management In Adolescent T1D Patients Over A 6-Month Trial 
Kathryn Gibbons Hormones And Their Impact On Changes In Insulin Action In Relation To Menstrual Cycle For Females With Type 1 Diabetes
Hilary Ginsburg Automatic Insulin Dose Monitoring: An Essential Technology For Optimizing Time In Range (Tir) For Mdi Patients
Mishita Goel Does Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Influence Illness Perception In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? A Pilot Study   
Adela Grando Minimed 670g: Results From A User Experience Survey
Adela Grando Self-Reported Behaviors Among Insulin Pump Users
Deborah Greenwood Developing A Technology Enabled Model To Support Medication Taking Behaviors
Brian Griffin Patient Engagement With Digital Therapeutic Leads To Reduction Of A1c And Costs In T2dm Patients; Cost Savings Are Correlated To Both A1c Drops As Well As Patients’ STARting A1c Levels
George  Grunberger Technological Interventions In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes By Primary Care Physicians And Endocrinologists In The United States
Iman Hajizadeh Multivariable Adaptive Artificial Pancreas Using Personalized Plasma Insulin Estimates
Anna Hardy “Dude, Where’s My Insulin?” – Modelling Insulin Adsorption In Infusion Sets
Jia He Importance Of Foreign Body Reaction In Intraperitoneal Insulin Catheter Obstruction: Development And Evaluation In An In Vivo Animal Model
Charley Henderson Low Cost Sensing And Connectivity For Injection Devices
Jen Hibbits Strong Customer Satisfaction Among Users Of Mobile Diabetes Management
Marcus Hompesch Clinically Relevant Improvement In Quality Of Blood Glucose Control In Well Controlled Users Of Mysugr's Mobile Diabetes Management Tool
Mahmoud Ibrahim The Abcs Outcome After Using Smart Phone Based Lifestyle Application In Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes
Jesse Kim Physical Chemical Considerations Associated With The Development Of A Wearable, Disposable Closed Loop Ap System. 
Ulrike Klueh Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (Csii) In Vivo: Csii Biocompatibility And Effective Insulin Delivery
Stephan Kowalyk Relationship Between Baseline Bmi And Clinical Outcomes With V-Go® Wearable Insulin Delivery Device In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Previously Prescribed Basal-Bolus Regimens
Mareike Kuhlenkötter Gir-Based Categorization Of Glucose Clamps
Vinod  Kumar Haart Induced Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome (A Rare Manifestation Of Haart Therapy)
Inyoung Lee Direct Electron Transfer Type Open Circuit Potential Based Continuous Glucose Monitoring System 
Jinhee Lee Vegf Sensor As A Versatile Tool For Early Diagnostic Of Diabetes Kidney Disease
Allen  Legassey Long Term In Vitro CGM Characterization With Controlled Glycemic Profile
Stephanie Lessing Diabetes Care And Management Using Electronic Health Records: A Systematic Review
Noya Loew The Development Of Engineered Direct Electron Transfer Type Glucose Dehydrogenase With Miniaturized Electron Transfer Subunit
Brian Lu Closed-Loop Composite Microneedle Patch For The Prevention Of Hypoglycemia
Michelle F. Magee High Usability And Satisfaction Reported By Diverse Patients With Diabetes Engaged In A Microlearning Video-Based Cloud Platform To Increase Access To Insulin Education
Lorenzo Meneghetti Detecting Insulin Pump Failures Without The Need Of A Patient Model
Alex R Montero Cellular-Enabled, Near, Real-Time Blood Glucose Monitoring  supports Virtual Telemedicine Clinic In Delivery Of Successful Care Management For Adults With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes.
Takeyuki Moriuchi Evaluation Of High Accurate BGMS Based On Innovative Optical Transmission Absorbance System
Blake Morrow An Investigation Into The Causes Of Insulin Aggregation
Pranesh Navarathna Automated Logging Using Smart Devices For Meal And Activity Trend Detection
Silvia Oviedo Postprandial Hypoglycemia Prediction In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Using Insulin Pump Therapy 
Martin  Peacock Glucose Sensor And Electronics Integrated On A Single Flexible Substrate  
Kirsten Peters Promarkerd: A Novel Test For
Predicting Rapid Decline In Renal Function In Type 2 Diabetes
Andreas Pfützner Autofluorescence Analysis For Non-Invasive Detection Of Cellular Tissue Oxygen Supply And Consumption
Andreas Pfützner Results With The Non-Invasive Tissue Tensortip Combo Glucometer For Glucose Prediction In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes
Andreas Pfützner Vivicap Protects Insulin In Disposable And Reusable Pen Devices From Degradation During Exposure To Extreme Temperature Conditions.  
Griselda Quiroz Personalizing A Mathematical Model Of T2dm Via An Evolutionary Algorithm
Linda Horsted Raimond Efficacy Of Advanced Carbohydrate Counting And Automated Insulin Bolus Calculators In Type 2 Diabetes: The Boluscal2 Study, An Open-Label, Randomized Controlled Trial 
Linda Horsted Raimond The Use Of Mobile Applications For Diabetes Self-Management Education. Does Gender Matter?
Charrise M. Ramkissoon Insulin-Only Blood Glucose Control During Unannounced Aerobic Exercise
Donna Rice Nurse-Delivered Digital-Health Interventions: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis
John Rippeth Low Cost Built In Self-Calibration Method For Blood Glucose Test Strips
Iván Sala-Mira Unannounced Meal Control Through Sliding Mode Techniques In An Artificial Pancreas
Sediqeh Samadi Multivariable Simulation Platform For Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Richard San George Accuracy And Precision Of The Afinion Hba1c Dx Test System Compared To Three Laboratory Methods
Richard San George Accuracy, Precision And Ease-Of-Use Of The Point-Of-Care Afinion Hba1c Dx Test* When Used By Self-Trained Operators: Results From A Pilot Study
Mert Sevil Rescue Carbohydrates Suggestion Algorithm During Exercise For People With Type 1 Diabetes
Viral Shah Bedtime Scanning Is Associated With Improved Nocturnal Glycemic Control: A Real-World Observational Analysis Of Flash Glucose Monitoring 
Sanjiv Sharma Minimally Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensors Based On Microneedle Arrays
Kalil Shaw Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement In Human Skin Using Machine Learning And Mid-Ir Spectroscopy
Tong Sheng Validation Of A Novel Algorithm For Interpreting Glycemic Control From CGM Data
John Shin Exploratory Analysis Of Insulin Sensitivity Adaptation With The Minimed™ 670g System In Children, Adolescents, And Adults
Mansur Shomali Determinants For Digital Health Engagement
Kelly M. Smith Tablet-Based Hospital Education For Diabetes Care – A Panacea Or Work As Imagined?
Elias Spanakis Prevention Of Inpatient Hypoglycemia Using CGM Devices: The Glucose Telemetry System. 
Andreas Stuhr Impact Of Real-World Use Of The Contour®Diabetes App On Glycemic Control And Testing Frequency
Namita Tipnis Microdialysis Testing For Multi-Analyte Monitoring
Namita Tipnis Sterilization Of Implantable Glucose Biosensors 
Vincent Uyttendaele How Much Do We Gain From Greater Personalisation?
Vincent Uyttendaele Insulin-Only STAR: Liège Clinical Trial Interim Results On Safety And Efficacy
Emma Villeneuve Comparing The Glycaemia Kinetics Of Children And Adults To Adapt Predictive Low-Glucose Suspend
Julie Walker Performance Comparison Of The Assure® Platinum And Gluco NaviiTM Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems For Use In Professional Healthcare Settings Against The ISO 15197:2015 Accuracy Criteria
Julie Walker Performance Of The Assure® Prism Multi Blood Glucose Monitoring System Throughout Shelf-Life
Jing Wang Usability Evaluation Of A Connected System To Link Patient Reported Lifestyle Data Into Electronic Health Records For Diabetes Self-Management Education And Support: A 2-Week Pilot Study
Jing Wang Use Of Connected Information Technology In A Community Clinical Collaborative Care Model For Uninsured Mexican American Patients With Uncontrolled Diabetes: Lessons Learned

Jan Wrede Evidence Based Continuous Probability Estimation For Hypoglycemic Excursion From Sparse Blood Glucose Data
Jia Yao Performance Of Glucose Sensor With Alternative Sterilization Method
Tony Zhou Using CGM Measurements For Glycemic State Analysis In Infants