Diabetes Technology Meeting

Submitted Abstracts


BakerContinuous Glucose Monitoring Among Patients with Type 1 Diabetes in Rwanda: Update from the CAPT1D Study
DumitrascuPersonal Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Accuracy During Hospitalization
FieldsBurden of Using Technologies for Diabetes Self-Management
FlackeDevelopment of a breath-based glucose estimation algorithm
FolkComparative Effectiveness of Hybrid Closed Loop Automated Insulin Delivery Systems among Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
GoyalType 2 Diabetes Diagnosis and Bacterial Marker Identification Through Gut Microbiota
HalimAdvances in Automated Insulin Delivery with The Medtronic 780G System: The Australian Experience
Handy Improvements in the Accuracy of a Pre-Commercial Non-Invasive Wearable Glucose Monitor Through the Use of AI
HershcovitzNon-linear Association between Blood Glucose Levels and Walking in an Integrated Digital Health Platform for Diabetes Management
HochfellnerIntravenous continuous glucose monitoring in hospitalized patients in a critical care unit: safety and efficacy of a novel intravascular continuous glucose monitoring system - a pilot trial
HollowayStructured CGM Education Delivered Via Mobile Phone Is Associated With Increased Time in Range: Interim Analysis
KaneDevelopment of novel ketone biosensing receptors for electrochemical continuous monitoring
KellyTwo Center Real-World Evaluation of Spotlight-AQ Improves Glycaemic Control and Reduces Diabetes-Related Distress
KumbaraUsing Early Engagement Data from a Digital Health Solution to Predict Future Glycemia Risk Index (GRI)
MacLellan AI-Powered Clinical Trials: Emulating Real-World GLP-1 Efficacy with Synthetic Patient Populations using Causal Effect Learning
OlsenStatistical Software Packages and Algorithms for Analysis of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data – A Systematic Review
ParkA New Portable HbA1c Meter—Red Blood Cell Deformability–Based HbA1c Test
PellizzariDR-CIB: an Algorithm for the Preventive Administration of Corrective Insulin Boluses in Type 1 Diabetes based on Dynamic Risk Concept and Patient-Specific Timing
PfütznerContinuous Glucose Monitoring with an Osmotic-Pressure Based Continuous Glucose Sensor: Results of the First Human Pilot Study
PfütznerDynamic Interference Test Results with two Glucoseoxidase-Based CGM Needle Sensors
PfütznerPhenotyping of Type 2 Diabetes by Means of Functional Biomarkers for the Underlying Deteriorations Provides a Valuable Tool for Personalized Treatment Selection – A Discussion Paper
SalimEvaluating the Effect of EndoTool Utilization for Glycemic Control in Critically Ill Patients
ScheidUtilization of a Computerized Dosing Algorithm to Improve Management in Diabetic Ketoacidosis
ShahidehpourMathematical Modeling of the Effects of Chronic Kidney Disease and Canagliflozin Treatment on Glomerular Filtration Rate
SontakkeStrategies to Aid Human-in-the-Loop in Type-1 Diabetes
ThingalayaImpact of a Digital Diabetes Solution on Medication Adherence in Adults in the United States with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
TianOutcomes of People with Type 1 Diabetes Receiving GLP-1 Receptor Agonists
TseComparison between ID-LC/MS/MS Serum Monosaccharides Method and Enzymatic Methods on Glucose Measurements
VigerskyReal-world Glycemic Outcomes Achieved by Three Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Systems
WoodGlucose sensor-induced extracellular trap formation impair implant performance
YoonDeveloping an artificial intelligence based algorithm for predicting glucose for patients with type1 diabetes through multiple continuous life-log variables
ZijlstraThe Proposed Insulin Lispro Biosimilar GN1101DP Shows Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic (PD) Bioequivalence to Humalog® in Caucasian and Chinese Healthy Subjects