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The Integration of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data into the Electronic Health Record (iCoDE) Project is a consortium whose purpose is to facilitate efficient uploading and integration of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data into the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The two goals of the iCoDE project are to 1) develop technical specifications to integrate CGM data into the EHR and 2) develop workflows and guidelines to facilitate data integration efforts.

Over 130 individuals from more than 60 organizations representing industry, academia, government agencies, clinicians, and patients participated in the year-long project. The result of this work is the 2022 iCoDE Report: CGM-EHR Integration Standards and Recommendations.

This report is intended to be a comprehensive yet practical guide for any organization who would like to implement a CGM-EHR integration. It is written to be generalizable to most healthcare settings, which necessitates writing at a level that omits some details. This report is ideal for clinical champions, administrators, IT leaders, and project managers directly involved in integration efforts. It contains significant technical detail, but is not intended to be a stand-alone technical guide; local expertise and collaboration with third parties (CGM manufacturers, aggregators, integrators) will still be required. The document is organized into the following sections:


The 2022 iCoDE Report: CGM-EHR Integration Standards and Recommendations was prepared by Prepared by:
Juan C. Espinoza, David C. Klonoff, Alaina P. Vidmar, Maurice Tut, Sarah Corathers, Randi Seigel, Andrea M. Yeung, Nicole Y. Xu, Payal Shah, Mahsa Babaei, Jingtong Huang, Kevin T. Nguyen, Julian Goldman, Shahid Shah.

Suggested citation in AMA format:
Espinoza J, Klonoff D, Vidmar A, et al. 2022 iCoDE Report: CGM-EHR Integration Standards and Recommendations. Diabetes Technology Society. https://www.diabetestechnology.org/icode/. Published November 7th, 2022. Accessed [date].


You can download the 2022 iCoDE Report: CGM-EHR Integration Standards and Recommendations for free here.

Current version: 1.0, released November 7th, 2022
Previous version: n/a

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iCoDE and iCoDE-related publications

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