Virtual Hospital Diabetes Meeting

Educational Objectives

  1. Explain how we can best provide staff education for using CGMs in the hospital.
  2. Discuss how we can best implement CGM use in the wards.
  3. Describe the financial implications of using CGMs in the hospital.
  4. List the quality metrics we should use to measure success of using CGMs in the hospital.
  5. Explain the considerations we need to have when using CGMs in the critical care setting.
  6. State the protocol for starting a CGM on hospitalized patients.
  7. Describe the best practices for using automated insulin delivery systems in the hospital.
  8. Discuss how we can more smoothly integrate CGM data into existing electronic health records in the hospital.
  9. Describe the accuracy of CGMs compared to other blood glucose tests.
  10. State what the benefits are to patients with diabetes from having a CGM at discharge.