Diabetes Technology Meeting

Educational Objectives

  1. Understand cybersecurity and its role in relation to the medical device industry and connected diabetes devices.
  2. Identify the benefits of continuous glucose monitors and their advantages over the self-monitoring of blood glucose.
  3. Identify improvements to current technology that can help facilitate the release of an artificial pancreas into the market.
  4. Identify novel insulin products such as glucose-responsive insulin, inhaled insulin, and biosimilar insulin, and understand global warming’s effect on the stability of insulin.
  5. Identify the importance of hypoglycemia as an endpoint in clinical trials.
  6. Understand the benefits that mobile apps can bring in managing one’s electronic health record.  
  7. Understand the role for blinded continuous glucose monitors in relation to real time continuous glucose monitors.
  8. Identify developments in insulin pump therapy and how to use pumps safely.
  9. Identify the benefits of social media in relation to managing diabetes.
  10. Identify new treatments for the diabetic foot and what is in the future for diabetic limb salvage and prevention.