Diabetes Technology Meeting

Educational Objectives

  1. Understand the importance of data science for diabetes and what can be done with the vast amount of data generated from biosensors and other digital diabetes products. 
  2. Understand the current status of various regulatory frameworks for diabetes technologies. 
  3. Identify the benefits of continuous glucose monitors and their advantages over the self-monitoring of blood glucose.
  4. Identify improvements to current technology that can help facilitate the release of an artificial pancreas into the market.
  5. Identify novel insulin products such as biosimilar insulin and hepatic directed insulin.
  6. Identify the importance of time-in-range as an endpoint in clinical trials.
  7. Identify novel insulin delivery technologies that facilitate improved user experience and improved outcomes.  
  8. Determine best practices for disposing of waste from diabetes products. 
  9. Identify new trends and hot topics in diabetes technology. 
  10. Discuss the current state of the do-it-yourself movement for diabetes and its effect on outcomes.