Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

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Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST) is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Diabetes Technology Society. It is indexed in the National Library of Medicine’s database, PubMed, and publishes the largest number of articles on diabetes technology than any journal in the world. JDST covers all aspects of diabetes technology including glucose monitoring (especially implanted continuous glucose sensors); insulin and metabolic peptide delivery; the artificial and bioartificial pancreas, telemedicine; software for modeling; physiologic monitoring; technology for managing obesity; diagnostic tests of glycation; hardware; algorithms; case management; telemedicine; closed loop control; and the use of bioengineered tools such as MEMS, new biomaterials, and nanotechnology to develop new sensors and actuators to be applied to diabetes. Articles in JDST cover both basic research and clinical applications of technologies being developed to help people with diabetes. After one year, all of our articles become free for anyone to download.

JDST has a world-class Editorial Board, which includes members from NASA, FDA, and prestigious universities and hospitals from fifteen different countries. JDST’s Editors, Editorial Board, Clinical Advisory Board, and staff aim to provide members of the diabetes technology community with information about the latest scientific and medical advances, as well as news of professional meetings and business developments in the field of diabetes technology. The importance of diabetes technology is increasing for the millions of diabetes patients worldwide. JDST is a virtual meeting place for members of the diabetes technology community who: believe that technology can deliver great benefits to people with diabetes; want to read about what their peers are doing; and want to communicate with each other via Letters to the Editor, a type of format which will facilitate quick responses to posted letters.

JDST publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Commentary Articles, Analysis Articles, Letters to the Editor, Proceedings of Diabetes Meetings, and a special section on a different topic each issue. JDST is the only journal that publishes the proceedings of the Diabetes Technology Meeting and the International Hospital Diabetes Meeting, as well as other diabetes meetings. Everyone who attends these meetings receives a subscription to this journal as part of their registration. Attendees include industry engineers, academic clinicians, and government regulators.

We at JDST hope you will find this journal informative, provocative, and also entertaining. 

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