Diabetes Technology Meeting

Meeting Agenda outline

Workshop A, Panel 1: Interactive Apps for Behavioral Change
Can apps modify behavior?

Workshop A, Panel 2: Telehealth and Coaching
How to apply coaching to improve diabetes outcomes?

Workshop B, Panel 1: Analytical and Clinical CGM Metrics
What are the latest metrics for CGM?

Workshop B, Panel 2: Sensors for Diagnosing Complications in Diabetes
How can technology identify complications of diabetes?

Keynote Presentation: Advances in Diabetes Technology

Session 1: Diabetes Data Science
How can data predict and prevent complications of diabetes?

Session 2: Novel Indications for CGM
Can people without diabetes benefit from CGM?

Session 3: Regulation of Diabetes Devices
What are new trends in FDA regulation of diabetes devices?

Session 4: Pump Technology
What are the challenges to building a commercially successful insulin pump?

Session 5: Blood Glucose Monitoring Technology
What is the role of BGM in various parts of the world?

Session 6: Emerging AID Technology
What are the features of a successful AID algorithm?

Session 7: Drugs for Diabetes
Which new drugs or indications for diabetes look promising?

Session 8: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
What is the role of AI/ML in diabetes management?

Session 9: Novel Analytes for Diabetes
What should be measured for diabetes besides blood glucose?

Session 10: New Technology Developments in Commercial CGMs
What is new in CGM technology?

Session 11: Skin Physiology
How does diabetes affect skin health?

Session 12: Hot Topics
What are promising new technologies for diabetes?

Session 13: Live Demonstration
What is a new carbohydrate dispensing product for diabetes?