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October 21, 2021: Green Diabetes Declaration is Published

About the Green Diabetes Initiative

Diabetes Technology Society (DTS) is launching the first ever Green Diabetes Initiative in 2020. See our editorial on this topic.  To reflect our new emphasis, we are changing the DTS logo to green. In 2021, DTS will present the first ever Virtual Green Diabetes Summit: (Sustainability, the Circular Economy, and Waste Management). The meeting will focus on sustainability and the circular economy, and will cover topics that are part of product stewardship.  We hope to introduce an ethic of responsible planning and management of resources along the diabetes product chain, beginning with designers, through manufacturers, retailers, users, and finally the disposers of diabetes medical waste, with the goal of reducing negative impacts on the economy, environment, public health, and worker safety. The purpose of this first-ever meeting is intended to bring together key opinion leaders in disposable diabetes device stewardship to find ways to massively reduce waste production in order to minimize environmental effects and health risks. The summit will address (1) waste management of disposable diabetes devices and paraphernalia for home use at the end of a product’s lifecycle; and (2) design, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes of medical products throughout a product’s lifecycle.  

At the Diabetes Environment Summit meeting we will discuss new technologies and policies to reduce waste through redesign, reuse, and recycling of products as well as education of device prescribers and users. We will also identify necessary resources to achieve safe and sustainable waste management system for disposable diabetes devices intended for home use.  We look to bring together those interested in the environment from the industry, regulatory, academic, and patient, communities to collaborate on projects related to sustainability of disposable diabetes devices intended for home use.  This unique event will be an excellent place to network and learn about how diabetes can affect the environment.

Our organization's journal, which is Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST), will publish a summary of the summit meeting.  Furthermore, as part of our Green Diabetes Initiative, JDST will publish a special section in 2021 to be edited by Lutz Heinemann, Ed Krisiunas, and Curtiss Cook about green diabetology.  Click to read articles in JDST about the environment.