Virtual Hospital Diabetes Meeting

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines
Submission Opens: September 16, 2019
Submit online to: 
Submission deadline: December 16, 2019
Acceptance Notification: February 2020
Virtual Poster Session: June 18, 2020, 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time

Abstract Topic Areas
Researchers are encouraged to submit an Abstract of their work on diabetes
technology, including but not limited to any of the major topics of the meeting:

  1. Glycemic Targets
  2. Blood Glucose Testing in the Hospital
  3. Strategies for Glycemic Control
  4. Safe Insulin Therapy
  5. Hypoglycemia in Hospitalized Patients
  6. Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Hospital
  7. Informatics and Glucometrics
  8. Computerized Insulin Dosing
  9. Insulin Pumps and Pens in the Hospital
  10. Quality of Care
  11. Transitional Care/Preventing Readmissions
  12. Glucose Management Teams
  13. Special Populations (e.g. Steroids, Transplant, Foot Disease, Tube Feeding, TPN, Surgery)
  14. Novel Therapeutics

Selection Criteria
• Material must not have been presented or published previously.
• The subject area selected will be varied so that a balanced program can be produced.
• All applications must be submitted using this online submission process. 

Abstract Format and Required Information
Please use the sample abstract available here when preparing your submission.

Each Abstract should be no more than 275 words. The title does not count as part of the word total. The abstract must be organized into four distinct paragraphs:

  1. Objective
  2. Method
  3. Result
  4. Conclusion

Please capitalize the first letter of all key words in your title. Do not include supplemental pages, photographs, tables, or references. The abstract should be suitably written for publication in the official program. Since the abstract is frequently the only link between the Program Advisory Committee and the author, care in its preparation is essential.

We strongly suggest you format and save your abstract in an offline word processing program before pasting it into the online submission form. Please use only the Times New Roman font.

Corresponding Author and Co-Authors 
In all cases, the first author listed is considered the corresponding author. All correspondence from Diabetes Technology Society regarding this submission will be directed to the corresponding Author. The lead author MUST fill in the FULL name, email address, and contact information for each author. All academic degrees must be included for every author. If an author holds NO degree, please specify NONE. Author and co-author names and academic degrees will be published in the official program.

NOTE: All fields are required for additional authors. Please do not use first author's email address for additional authors.

Before you submit your Abstract
We require you to have the following information prepared before you begin the abstract application process:

  • Complete names, including ALL academic degrees, for each author. If none, specify NONE.
  • Email addresses for all authors.
  • Permanent mailing addresses for all authors.
  • A spell-checked abstract that conforms to the sample available here.

Publication in PubMed-indexed peer-reviewed scientific e-journal 
Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

Accepted abstracts will be published in a 2020 issue of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

Click here to submit your abstract on the abstract submission form