Virtual Hospital Diabetes Meeting

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The Virtual Hospital Diabetes Poster Session was held from 12-1:30 PM (Pacific Time) on Thursday, June 18, 2020. A recording of the poster session is available here. Please note: CME is not available for the recorded poster session.


Time Title Speaker First Author
12:00 Introduction David Klonoff, MD
Session 1 (No Industry Authorship) Moderator: Amisha Wallia, MD
12:01 3 Things in 30 Minutes Berit Bagley, MSN, CDE Berit Bagley, MSN CDE
12:04 Alternative Inpatient Hypoglycemia Treatment Evelyn Scott, MD Evelyn Scott, MD
12:07 Characteristics of Patients identified at High-Risk by a Hypoglycemia Prediction Model William Donahoo, MD William Donahoo, MD
12:10 Implementation of an Electronic Order Set to Improve the Perioperative Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Tyler Aguinaldo, MD Tyler Aguinaldo, MD
12:13 Improving Identification and Documentation of Patients Utilizing Insulin Pumps at MD Anderson Cancer Center Mara Wilson, NP Mara Wilson, NP
12:16 Q&A
Session 2 (No Industry Authorship) Moderator: Elias Spanakis, MD
12:24 Interprofessional Inpatient Diabetes Care: Good for Medical Practice but Great for Medical Education Tiffanie Marksbury, DNP, ANP-BC, CDE Michael Fowler, MD
12:27 Managing Diabetes in the Hospital with an Insulin Pump and or Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM): Nurse’s Perspective Christy Byer-Mendoza, MSN, RN, CNS, CPN Christy Byer-Mendoza, MSN RN CNS CPN
12:30 Multidisciplinary Approach to Decreasing Hypoglycemia in an Urban Academic Hospital Regina Cox, RN, BSN, CDE, CDTC Regina Cox, RN BSN CDE CDTC
12:33 Utilization of Computer-Guided Insulin Dosing Decreases Hypoglycemia Adverse Drug Events, Length of Stay and Cost of Care at Large Pacific Northwest Health System Jamie Casanova, PharmD Jamie Casanova, PharmD
12:36 Q&A
Session 3 (Industry Authorship) Moderator: Jane Seley, DNP MPH
12:44 Accuracy Analysis of an Autonomous System to Personalize Blood Glucose Prediction for T1DM Patients with Real World Data Yuri Matsumoto, BSc Maria Foss-Freitas, MD PhD
12:47 Basal-On-Board (BOB) Appears to Contribute to Significant Glucose Readings < 70 mg/dl (HYPO) in Hospital Settings Pat Burgess, PhD, MD Laurel Fuqua, RN MSN
12:50 Examination of the Accuracy and Stability of an Arterial Sensor for Glucose Monitoring in a Porcine Model Using Glucose Clamp Technique Julia Mader, MD Felix Aberer, MD
12:53 Improved Hospital Glycemic Control with eGMS and High-Reliability Strategies H. Courtenay Harrison, MD H. Courtenay Harrison, MD
12:56 Improvement in Glycemic Control Using Algorithm-Guided Basal-Bolus Insulin Therapy in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Daniel Hochfellner, MD Daniel Hochfellner, MD
12:59 Q&A
Session 4 (Industry Authorship) Moderator: Robert Rushakoff, MD
13:07 Patient Safety Improvements with IV Insulin Compared to Subcutaneous Insulin in the ICU Alexandria Hall, PharmD Marina Rabinovich, PharmD
13:10 Reduction of Hospital Hypoglycemia with eGMS and Quality Programming Across 180 US Hospitals Joseph Aloi, MD Joseph Aloi, MD
13:13 Sustained Hypoglycemia Reduction with IV Insulin via eGlycemic Management System Barbara McLean, MN, RN, CCNS-BC, NP-BC Barbara McLean, MN RN CCNS-BC NP-BC
13:16 Technology Reduces the #1 Adverse Medication Safety Events (AMSE) in the Hospital Debra Dudley, BS, RN, CDE Debra Dudley, BS RN CDE
13:19 Q&A
13:27 Meeting Summary Robert Rushakoff, MD
13:30 End Session David Klonoff, MD