Diabetes Technology Meeting

Virtual Poster Session: November 19, 2020, 8:30 - 13:00 Free Registration

Please join us for the oral presentation and moderated discussion of the top 36 abstracts submitted to the 2020 Virtual Diabetes Technology Meeting. This session is free for all to attend. 


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Virtual Poster Session

Session A


Shashank Joshi, MD, DM, FICP, FACP(USA), FACE(USA), FRCP(Lon,Glsg & Edin)
Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, India

Julia Mader, MD, PhD
Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria


Impact of the MiniMed™ AHCL system on post-prandial glucose after a missed meal bolus in adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D)

Jennifer Sherr, MD, PhD et al.


Individualized Linear Models for Glucose Prediction: Parametric vs. Non-Parametric Identification

Simone Faccioli, MSc et al.


Classification of Daily Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Profiles in Type 1 Diabetes Using Layered Clustering and Clinical Metrics

Mahdi Shafiei, PhD et al.


Pulsatile Insulin Treatment as  a Treatment Option for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Stage III Kidney Failure – Results from a Pilot Study

Andreas Pfützner, MD, PhD et al.


The Burden of Hypoglycemia during Real-World Conditions

Felix Aberer, MD et al.


A New Model for Mealtime Insulin Dosing in Type 1 Diabetes: Retrospective Validation on CTR3 Dataset

Giulia Noaro, MSc et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion

Session B


John Nolan, MD, FRCPI, FRCP(Ed), FTCD (hon)
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Gerry Rayman, MD, FRCP
The Ipswich Diabetes Centre Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, UK


Predicting Blood Glucose Levels Using CNN-LSTM Neural Networks

Mehrad Jaloli, MSc et al.


Determining the Optimal Duration of a Clinical Trial Having Time-in-ranges as Final Endpoints

Nunzio Camerlingo, MSc et al.


Highly Miniaturized, Low Power CMOS ASIC for Long-Term, Needle-Implantable CGMs

Raja Hari Gudlavalleti, MS et al.


Expected Variability in Estimated Insulin Secretion from C-peptide using Van Cauter Kinetic Parameters

Jennifer J. Ormsbee, MSc et al.


Preliminary Assessment of a Mass Manufacturable Point-of-Care Insulin Sensor

Madison Strong, NONE et al.


Intravenous Automated Blood Glucose Control with No Meal Announcement. A Prospective Time-in-Range In Silico Study

Adrian Tarniceriu, PhD et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion

Session C


Lori Laffel, MD, MPH
Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Nestoras Mathioudakis, MD
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Variations in Time in Range Assessed by CGM in the Early COVID-19 Pandemic

Joost van der Linden, PhD et al.


A Massive Open Online Course for Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management: Adapting Education in the COVID-19 Era

Scott Mackenzie, BMSc (Hons) MBChB et al.


Use of the Sencell Osmotic Pressure-Based Glucose Sensor in a Standard Needle Sensor Environment

Andreas Pfützner, MD, PhD et al.


Insulin Cost-Savings Comparison: 7-Day Extended Wear Infusion Set with Medtronic Pump vs. 2-3 Day Wear Infusion Set with Non-Medtronic Pump

Sarnath Chattaraj, PhD et al.


Role of Site Selection & Cannula Length in Insulin Infusion Set Performance

Gina Zhang, PhD et al.


Insulin, Not the Preservative m-Cresol, Instigates Loss of Infusion Site Patency Over Extended Durations of CSII in Diabetic Swine

Monica Swinney, PhD et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion

Session D


Sanjoy Dutta, PhD
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, New York, New York. USA

Boris Mankovsky, MD, PhD
Institute of Endocrinology, Kiev, Ukraine


Persistent Hyperglycemia in Extremely Low Birth Weight Premature Infants

Jennifer Knopp, PhD et al.


Significant Reduction in Time-Below-Range (Hypoglycemia) in People with Type 1 Diabetes using an Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop System

Lars Mueller, PhD et al.


The Effect of a Digital Therapeutic Platform on Glycemic Control in Adults above Age 65 with Type 2 Diabetes

Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD et al.


Differences in Perceived Quality of Sleep and Satisfaction with Insulin Delivery Device in People with Diabetes

Harsimran Singh, PhD et al.
Oral Presentation by Steph Habif, EdD, MS


Smart Insulin Pens Allow Correction Doses Between Meals as Needed Without Compromising Time Below Range

Madison Smith, PhD, RN, CDCES et al.


The Extended Wear Infusion Set- A Design for Plastic Waste Reduction

Hsi Fusselman, MS et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion

Session E


Amisha Wallia, MD, MS
Northwestern Unviersity, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jenise Wong, MD, PhD
UCSF, San Francisco, California, USA


Diminished Weekday/Weekend Differences in Glycemic Control in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Robert Dowd, BS et al.


The Impact of a Prolonged Lockdown and Use of Telemedicine on Glycemic Control in People with Type 1 Diabetes During the COVID-19 Outbreak in Saudi Arabia

Sahar Alharthi, MBBS et al.


Glycemic Outcomes with Adjustable Settings in the Advanced Hybrid Closed-loop (AHCL) System-Pivotal Trial

Anirban Roy, PhD et al.


Deteriorating Glucose Control in Patients With Diabetes (PWD) after Disengagement From A Mobile Health (mHealth) App

Sarine Babikian, PhD et al.
Oral Presentation by Mark Clements, MD, PhD


Simulation Platform Development for Diabetes and Technology Self-Management

Eileen Faulds, PhD, MS, RN et al.


Early Insights from a Digitally Enhanced Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program

Folasade Wilson-Anumudu, MPH et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion

Session F


Francisco Pasquel, MD, MPH
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Louis Philipson, MD, PhD
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Regional COVID-19 Disease Burden and Individual Changes in Glycemic Control

Joost van der Linden, PhD et al.


Performance of a Factory-Calibrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System with a Retuned Algorithm

Xiaohe Zhang, MS et al.
Oral Presentation by Rebecca Harvey Towers, PhD


Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery in Adults with Highly Unstable Type 1 Diabetes Can Outperform Suspend-Before-Low Insulin Pump Technology, a 16-Week Randomized Crossover Trial

Pierre Yves Benhamou, MD et al.


Cost-utility of an online education platform and diabetes personal health record: analysis over ten years

Scott Cunningham, PhD et al.


Web-based Simulation Tool for Self-Management Support in Type 1 Diabetes

Patricio Colmegna, PhD et al.


Predicting Success with a Diabetes mHealth Application from Early Usage Data

Maya Mudambi, MCIT, BA et al.


Q & A / Panel Discussion