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Submitted Abstracts of 2015 DTM

First Author Title
Acree Assessment Of A Patient Level Diabetes Education Elective For First Year Pharmacy Students Utilizing Hands-On Diabetes And Coexisting Disease State Point-Of-Care Screening Tools
Ahn Continuous Glucose Monitoring Using Near Infrared Fluorescent Carbon And Cophmore Molecular Sites For Glucose
Albanese-O'Neill Ketone Monitoring Frequency And Methods In Type 1 Diabetes (T1d) Subjects
Aloi Eglycemic Management System Provides Safe And Effective Glycemic Control For Stroke Patients Requiring Subcutaneous Insulin In The Hospital Setting
Andreatta Optimization Of Core Sensor Components For An Osmotic Pressure Sensor For Interstitial Glucose Assessment
Bailey Accuracy And User Performance Evaluation Of A New Blood Glucose Monitoring System In Development For Use With Contour Plus Test Strips
Baram Development Of A New Glucose Dehydrogenase Mutant, Which Is Free Of Xylose Interference
Benesch Clampart: Improved Algorithm For Automated Glucose Clamps
Blaabjerg Development Of A Hypoglycemia Alarm Based On Electroencephalography (Eeg)
Bode Patient-Level Assessment Of Cough With Technosphere Inhaled Insulin In Patients With T1dm
Bondia Coordination Of Insulin And Glucagon Delivery In Bihormonal Artificial Pancreas Through Habituating Control
Breton Calibration Of The Dynamical Tracking Ea1c Algorithm With Reference Hba1c Values: Performance In Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes

Carlson Safety Analysis Of A 90-Day Implantable Cgm System In The Precise Study
Cembrowski Biologic Variation Of Icu Patient Capillary Glucoses Monitored With Hematocrit Independent Strips (2012-2015) Compared To That Monitored With Hematocrit Dependent Wbg Strips (2009-2010) 
Ching Biodel's Glucagon Emergency Management (Gem) Auto-Reconstitution Device Demonstrates Superior Usability Compared To Marketed Glucagon Kits In Human Factors Study 
Christiansen Accuracy And User Performance Evaluation Of A New Blood Glucose Monitoring System In Development For Use With Contour Next Test Strips
da Silva Personalizing The Model Predictive Controller Aggressiveness For The Artificial Pancreas: A Trade Off Analysis
Dagliati Metformin Exposure Patterns Are Related To T2d Nephropathy
Datye Timing Of Meal Insulin Delivery And Its Relation To Missed Insulin Doses
David Serum Total Homocysteine (Thcy) As A Potential Predictor For Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Disease (Cvd) Among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2dm) Patients
Daya Planar Microwave Sensor For Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Sensing
de Bock Performance Of A Hybrid Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Algorithm With Insulin Limits Designed For Home Use, Under Serial Hypoglycaemic Challenges
Docherty Basal Glucose Is Just The First Measured Point … Right?
Dungan Messaging Via Electronic Medical Record (Emr) Based Patient Portal:  Effect On Glucose Control
Emilion Screening Obeses Women With Pre-Diabetes From Classes Of  Serum 25- Hydroxy Vitamin D And Serum Parathormone Levels Among African Migrants Living In Paris
Esenaliev Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring With Novel, High-Resolution Ultrasound Technique
Famulla The Recombinant Human Soluble Insulin Julphar Insulin R Is Bioequivalent To Huminsulin Normal, An Eu Marketed Soluble Insulin
Feldman Pramlintide Vs. Liraglutide: Assessing Incremental Benefits Of Adjunctive Therapy To Closed Loop Insulin Delivery
Feng Controller Performance Assessment Of Model-Based Artificial Pancreas Control Systems
Fischer Glooko: Mobile, Unified Platform For Diabetes Management, Combined With Nurse Coaching, Lowers Hba1c And Improves Quality Of Life 
Frank An Estimation Of Glucose Uptake During Exercise
Freckmann Iso 15197:2013 - Evaluation Of Two Improved Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
Fuller Evaluation Of Glucometer Test Strips For The Presence Of Potential Pathogens Including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, Clostridium Difficile, And Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci
Gal Simplifying Calibration Practice For Home Use Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Device: Reference Device Aspects
Gal Simplifying Calibration Practice For Home Use Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Device: Shortening Procedure Duration 
Garcia A Novel, Time-Invariant And Intuitive Metric For Assessing Glycemic Variability
Godavarty Optical Classification Of Diabetic Wounds: Preliminary Sensitivity And Specificity Analysis
Gomez Medina Long Term Follow-Up Of Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy With Low Glucose Suspend Function (Sap -- Lgs)  In Type 1 Diabetes (T1d) Patients With High Risk Of Hypoglycemia.
Groat Characterizing Self-Management Behaviors Of Type 1 Diabetes Patients On Insulin Pump Therapy 
Groat Introducing A Method To Retrospectively Compare Insulin Dosing Recommendations
Grosman Hybrid Closed-Loop (Hcl) In Monitored Outpatient Conditions
Gu In Vitro And In Vivo Performance Of A Multi-Analyte Sensor 
Hajnsek The Spidiman Single-Port System: Combining Cgm And Insulin Infusion 
Hansen Insulin To Carbohydrate Ratio And 24h Urinary Glucose Excretion To Assess Insulin Dose Adjustments In T1dm Subjects Treated With Dapagliflozin
Haselwood Towards A Sensor And Model For Cortisol As Feedback In The Bio-Artificial Pancreas
Hauzenberger Systematic Study To Optimize Insulin Delivery Through A Csii Catheter
Henderson Finger Stickin' Good -- Improved Glycemic Control In Cv Surgery Patients Provides Cost Savings Through Reduction In Point Of Care Tests 
Herrero In Silico Evaluation Of Ultra-Fast Acting Insulins Using The Bio-Inspired Artificial Pancreas
Hodish Scalable And Durable Optimal Glycemic Control In Insulin Users
Howsmon Infusion Set Fault Detection Via Monitoring Of Real-Time Data Over Sliding Windows
Huber Performance Of A Blood Glucose Monitoring System In A Point Of Care Setting
Jacobs Use Of A Bi-Hormonal Artificial Pancreas System With Exercise Announcement In Type 1 Diabetes To Prevent Hypoglycemia 
Kastellorizios Cytotoxicity Of Photo-Patternable Hydrogels For Implantable Glucose Sensors 
Kastellorizios Glucowizzard™: An Injectable, Wireless Biosensor For Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Kastellorizios Multi-Analyte Monitoring Via Implantable Biosensors Predicts Exhaustion
Kircher Automated Insulin Delivery "In The Wild"
Knab The Importance Of Multiple Sensors In Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Kovatchev Hemoglobin A1c And Self-Monitored Average Glucose: Validation Of The Dynamical Tracking Ea1c Algorithm In Type 1 Diabetes
Kudva  Acute Effect Of Low Dose Pramlintide On Islet And Gastrointestinal Peptides In Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Laguna Sanz Adaptive Blood Glucose Predictions Using Untrained Models: A Performance Comparison On The Cgm Rate Of Change
Lajara Evaluation Of Insulin Delivery With V-Goâ® Combined With A Glp-1 Receptor Agonist (Glp-1) In Patients With Sub-Optimally Controlled T2dm
Lajara Using The V-Go® Disposable Insulin Delivery Device In Patients Prescribed High Insulin Doses: A Comparison Of Clinical Results Between High And Moderate Insulin Dose Groups
Lande' Widespread Clinical Experiences Validating A Blood-Based Artificial Pancreas (Bbap)
Leal Online Detection Of Sensor Faults From Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Meal And Insulin Delivery Information
Lee Mt-Diet: Automated Diet Assessment Using Myo Wristband And Thermal Images
Little The Use Of Insulin Pump Technology To Advance Safe And Effective Care
Lucisano Late-Breaking Human Clinical Results From A Second-Generation Long Term Fully-Implanted Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Mader Glycemic Control By Using Glucotab® In Insulin-Naive And Insulin-Treated Hospitalized Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Magee Mhealth Blood Glucose Monitoring Solution Enables Timely Targets Attainment 
Mansell The Detectability Of Confounding Effects In Glycemic Diary Data From In Silico Patients With Diabetes 
Martz Percieved Knowledge And Attitudes Of Certified Diabetes Educators Regarding Genetic Testing For Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Melish A Pharmacokinetic Study Of Mixed Diet Glucose Concentration Responses In Type 1 Patients On Closed Loop Pump Therapy
Mould Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Modeling Predict Concentrated Biphasic Insulin Biod-531 Is Suitable For Twice Or Three Times Daily Dosing With No Dose Accumulation
Murase Resistance To Acetaminophen Interference Of The Direct Electron Transfer-Type Cgm Sensor
Nguyen U-Strip Transdermal Insulin Patch
Nunlee-Bland Technology Use Enhances Body Mass Index Reduction In African American Young Adults At Risk For Developing Type 2 Diabetes
Oser Using Blogs To Support Caregivers Of Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Study
Otto Evaluating A Novel Glycemic Pattern Recognition Algorithm For Alerting To Risk Of Severe Hypoglycemia In The Next 24 Hours
Pery Performance Of A Smart Phone Linked Blood Glucose Assessment Platform
Pesl Clinical Pilot Study Assessing The Post-Prandial Outcome Of An Advanced Bolus Calculator For Diabetes When Used For Meals With Exercise And Alcohol
Pesl Performance Of An Automated Revision Algorithm For A Personalised Bolus Advisory System 
Pohl Mixture Of Insulin Monomers, Dimers And Hexamers Demonstrated By Sedimentation Velocity Analysis Supports Bi-Phasic Ultra-Rapid-Acting And Basal Profile Of Concentrated Human Insulin Formulation Biod-531
Reiterer Is There A Recipe For Comparability Of Mard Values From Clinical Performance Evaluation Of Cgm Sensors?
Renard Multicentre Assessment Of Usability And Safety Of A Model-Predictive Control Algorithm With Enhanced Hypoglycemia Minimizer For Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Control Cross-Over Inpatient Clinical Trial
Resalat Incorporating An Exercise Detection, Grading, And Hormone Dosing Algorithm Into The Artificial Pancreas Using Accelerometry And Heart Rate
Rigla Artificial Intelligence- Augmented Telemedicine Applied To The Management Of Diet Treated Gestational Diabetes
Rollins An Automatic Insulin Delivery System Approach Capable Of Tight Control
Ruan Night-To-Night Variability Of Basal Insulin Requirements In Adults With Type 1 Diabetes During 12-Week Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery
Sacchi Predicting Microvascular Complications From Type 2 Diabetes Retrospective Data
Samadi A Meal Detection And Carbohydrate Estimation Algorithm Based On Cgm Data For Use In Ap Systems
Sartori Comparison Of The Nova Biomedical Statstrip Glucose Meter To An Idms Hexokinase Glucose Method In Oncology And Renal Insufficient Patients €“ Demonstration Of Utility In Critically Ill Patients
Schwartz Augmenting The Detection And Prediction Of Blood Glucose Control Problems With Physiologic Sensor Data
Shehata A New Technology For Metformin Hydrochloride Mucoadhesive Microparticles Preparation Utilizing Bãœchi Nano-Spray Dryer B-90
Shomali A Data Science Framework For Mobile Health–Engagement And Outcomes
Simon Mydiatext: Sms Technology For Behavioral Health In Patients With Type I Diabetes
Skowronski Circulating Levels Of Protease Activity During A Meal Tolerance Test In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Smajada Interference Test Results For An Osmotic Pressure Sensor For Interstitial Glucose Assessment
Sode The First Three-Dimensional Structure Of Fungus-Derived Glucose Dehydrogenase  ~Knowing Enzyme For Glucose Monitoring~
Stewart High Compliance = Good Control?  Compliance Of The Stochastic Targeted (Star) Glycemic Control Protocol
Sundarapperuma Perspectives On Diet During Postpartum Periods In Mothers With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus(Gdm), Nurses In Postnatal Ward And  Midwives In Antenatal Clinic
Terrazas Improving Meal Detection Using A Smart Watch And Accelerometer
Thavareesan Smart Phone Based Patient's Healthcare Management System
Tiangco Progress Towards Passive Transdermal Glucose Sensing Based On A Glucose Binding Protein
Uyttendaele Insulin Sensitivity Profile As A Marker For Reduced Outcome In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Vahlsing Combination Of Micro-Dialysis And Ex-Vivo Glucose Sensing By Infrared Spectrometry With On-Line Recovery Rate Determination
Valenzuela Early Results Support Efficacy And Clinical Efficiency Of Diabetes Management Decision Support Software For Blood Glucose Control
Veiseh Long Term Glycemic Control Using Polymer Encapsulated, Human Stemcell Derived Βcells In Immune Competent Rodents
Vettoretti Simulation Of Patient Decision-Making To Test Safety And Effectiveness Of Cgm Sensor For Non-Adjunctive Use In Type 1 Diabetes. Ii. Smbg- Vs Cgm-Based Therapies
Vettoretti Simulation Of Patient Decision-Making To Test Safety And Effectiveness Of Cgm Sensor For Non-Adjunctive Use In Type 1 Diabetes.  I. A Patient Modular System Model
Visentin Modeling The Effect Of Liraglutide In T2dm With The T2dm Simulator: A Paradigm For In-Silico Trials
Visentin Pre-Clinical Testing Of Afrezza® Using The Uva/Padova T1dm Simulator
Voge Usage And Perceptions Of Type 1 Diabetes Devices
Voskanyan Feasibility Of Use Of Novel Stable Soluble Glucagon Analog Zp-Ga-1 In Artificial Pancreas Systems
Waki Telehealth System: Smartphone-Based Self-Management For Diabetes Patients
Walker Accuracy Of A Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Bgms) As It Relates To The Iso 15197:2013 Requirements In The Management Of Diabetes Mellitus
Walker Evaluation Of A Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Bgms) In Comparison To Global Accuracy Performance Requirements 
Wang Autonomous Shape Memory Alloy (Sma) Based Actuator Reaching Subcutaneous Blood Capillaries: Results From In-Vitro Characterization And Two Pilot Human Studies
Wang Comparison Of Poc Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (Bgms) Performance Idms Aligned Reference Methods: An Extensive Evaluation
Wang Development Of A Primary Idms Traceable Reference Procedure In China For Blood Glucose Testing A Key Step For Evaluating Poc Glucose Methodologies. 
Wilson Glucosense: A Low-Cost Glucose Meter System For Resource-Poor Settings
Woodley Cytotoxic Effect Of Three Commercial Rapid-Acting Insulin Analogs On Four Human Immune Cell Types
Xenakis Characterization Of The Information Technology Utilization And Experiences Of Diabetes Patients Insured Under The Affordable Care Act
Yablonski Human Kinetic Approach To Improving Conformability In Paq, A 3-Day Wearable Insulin Delivery Device 
Yan Simulation Study On Insulin Sensitivity Factor Changes For Patients With Illness/Stress 
Yavelberg The Accuracy Of Select Wearable Technology For Varying Exercise Modalities And Intensities In Persons With And Without Type 1 Diabetes
Zhao A Pilot Study Of Oral Insulin Enteric-Coated Soft Capsules Research And Development In Chinese
Zhong Continuous Glucose Monitoring Accuracy Improvement Using The Auto Calibration Feature Of Minimed Veo 
Zhong Real-World Assessment Of Undetected Glycemic Excursion Events In Type 2 Diabetes 
Zhong Real-World Performance Of A Predictive Low Glucose Management Algorithm
Zijlstra Dance 501 Inhaled Human Insulin Has A Dose-Linear Response And Similar Within Subject Variability As Rapid-Acting Insulin Lispro
Zijlstra Demonstration Of Very High Compliance And Hba1c Benefit Of A Long-Term Implantable Glucose Sensor In The Precise Study
Zijlstra Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart Using Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (Csii): Earlier Onset Of Exposure And Greater Early Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Effects Than Insulin Aspart
Zijlstra Particle Size Does Not Impact The Pharmacokinetic Response Of A Novel Inhaled Human Insulin