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September 15, 2014 DTS Surveillance Program Press Release

June 12, 2014 DTS Surveillance Program Press Release

May 20, 2014 DTS Surveillance Program Press Release

In the Media

October 13, 2014: Highlight from the Consensus Conference on Glucose Monitoring

July 1, 2014: Diabetes Technology Society Announces Launch of Surveillance Program for Blood Glucose Monitors

June 4, 2014: New Surveillance Program To Monitor Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

January, 2014: Blood Glucose Meters 2014 Will meters be more accurate? And getting the most from what you have

October, 2013: Poor performance of blood glucose monitors prompts call to action

September 13, 2013: Diabetes Tech Society Gets FDA Buy-In For Glucose Monitor Surveillance Program

September 12, 2013: Experts Debate Surveillance Program for Glucose Monitors

September 12, 2013: ‘Violent Agreement’ on Need for Monitoring Meter & Strip Accuracy

September 10, 2013: Diabetes Hands Foundation Commends the Diabetes Technology Society (DTS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for First Steps to Protect Diabetes Patients


July 1, 2013: Do Currently Available Blood Glucose Monitors Meet Regulatory Standards? 1-Day Public Meeting in Arlington, Virginia

September 1, 2012: System Accuracy Evaluation of 43 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose according to DIN EN ISO 15197

May 1, 2010: Impact of Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring Errors on Glucose Variability, Risk for Hypoglycemia, and Average Glucose Control in Type 1 Diabetes: An In Silico Study

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