Nadine Shehab, PharmD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Atlanta, Georgia

Nadine Shehab is Chief Health Scientist with Lantana Consulting Group, Inc. Dr Shehab has over 15 years’ experience in adverse drug event (ADE) surveillance as well as other medication and patient safety issues. At Lantana, Dr. Shehab leads and supports multiple projects related to healthcare delivery, quality reporting, and public health. She also identifies opportunities to advance medication and patient safety through electronic data exchange. Prior to Lantana, she was a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP), providing leadership in national public health surveillance for healthcare-related harm, identifying and implementing national policy directions for high-priority CDC medication safety issues, and representing CDC’s public health priorities for medication safety in nationally recognized healthcare quality measures, standards, and guidelines and to policymakers and regulators. Currently, Dr Shehab serves as a subject matter expert and is supporting DHQP in developing the first National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) module for inpatient ADE surveillance. This will be the first NHSN module to use an HL7® FHIR-based approach for patient safety surveillance. The NHSN Glycemic Control module will support fully automated electronic reporting of linked inpatient blood glucose and medication data to NHSN via industry-standard, vendor-neutral methods to enable the collection of inpatient glycemic control metrics, with the goals of improving patient safety, facilitating hospital glycemic control quality improvement efforts, and informing national glycemic control benchmarking across U.S. hospitals.