Gregory Gilbert, MD
Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, Burlingame, California

Dr. Gilbert has worked at a number of hospital systems in California, including the Veterans Administration, Sutter Health, Kaiser, and Stanford Medicine. In addition to caring for patients in emergency medicine, he has been directly involved in health care management, especially in disaster planning and preparedness. He also has experience with FPPE and OPPE, and Baldrige Criteria and Magnet status requirements for improved performance. Greg understands how hospital policies are created, as he has written and reviewed policies and procedures, worked with medical staff offices, and has been involved with credentialing and peer review. He serves on San Mateo County’s Operations Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, and Quality Leadership Committee, and is part of the State of California’s Medical Directors Advisory Group. Dr. Gilbert has received over a dozen honors and awards in his field, published 15 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals, written chapters in 10 medical books, and presented at over 80 conferences.