Eirik Årsand, PhD
UiT Arctic University of Norway, Tromso, Norway

Professor Årsand's research area is “Health technology”, where he do research on how to use technologies to improve health, mainly focusing on diabetes type 1 and type 2. He is currently involved in 6 eHealth, mHealth (mobile health), mDiabetes (mobile diabetes), AI (artificial intelligence), and social media projects. He is co-manager of the Medical Health Technology group at the Department of Computer Science at University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway. His research aims to improve knowledges around the technologies, user needs, user-perception, and medical outcomes of mobile ways of doing disease management. His research projects have also focused on mHealth and eHealth generally, and especially about using mobile self-help tools, such as the research app, the Diabetes Diary (downloaded by more than 10.000 users), medical sensors and how to integrate data with health care systems, and improvement of decision support systems where the patients are an active part.