Hazhir Teymourian, PhD
AquilX Inc., San Diego, California

Hazhir Teymourian is cofounder and CTO at AquilX Inc., a medical device startup, focusing on wearable biochemical sensors. With a broad background in electroanalytical chemistry, bioelectrochemistry, nanochemistry and solid-state chemistry, his research focuses on design and development of electrochemical (bio)sensors and their incorporation into the wearable platforms for monitoring of physiological health parameters. This has resulted in a demonstrated record of accomplished and productive research projects such as the first wearable sensor for continuous monitoring of ketone bodies along with glucose and lactate (featured in Giants in Sensing, American Chemical Society (ACS) virtual issue). Moreover, he has worked on adapting wearable sensors for various applications spanning diabetes management, therapeutic drug monitoring of neurological disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease), personalized nutrition through continuous monitoring of micronutrients, and safety and security monitoring through continuous tracking of drugs of abuse and nerve agents.