Mihailo Rebec, PhD
Waveform Technologies, Wilsonville, Oregon

Received my PhD. in Clinical Chemistry from Cleveland Clinic/Cleveland State University. I was a post- doc at the University of Illinois Medical college conducting research on Prostaglandins. Worked as research scientist at various levels of responsibility for 21 years for Bayer Diabetes. My research activities were primarily in the area of developing advanced analytical devices for the determination of blood glucose. I was involved in in across disciplinary approach of developing novel glucose analysis systems. This included fundamental in-vitro analysis process that progressed to prototype equipment used in pre-clinical and clinical studies. Played lead role in the deployment of minimally invasive glucose devices. Worked extensively in the development of non-invasive glucose analysis technologies that included the development of the instrumentation, the development of the algorithms needed to convert those optical signals to glucose vales. Over the past 7 years I have been involved in the development and commercialization of the WaveForm Cascade CGM device. My responsibilities ranged from Clinical trials, regulatory submissions, to leading the R&D efforts. I have authored 30 + patents.