Johan H. Jendle, MD, PhD
Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden

Johan Jendle, MD, PhD, is a professor and teaching chair at the faculty of Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden. Johan is the director of the Research Center of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Örebro University.

He received his MD from the University of Linköping, Sweden in 1991. His completed his residency training in internal medicine and endocrinology in Linköping University Hospital and was appointed as a research fellow at the same university in 1993. He is also a Certified International Diving Physician (EDTC/ECHM approved).

He has authored more than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Special areas of interest include diabetes and physical exercise, endurance sports, skydiving and SCUBA-diving, sports that he also performs.

He is currently researching GLP-1 RAs, health economic aspects of diabetes, glucose variability and glucose metrics, smart insulin pens as well as advanced hybrid closed loop pumps.

He has also served as priniciple investigator and had steering committee assignments in various international trials. He is a regular reviewer and invited speaker at national and international scientific meetings.