Gerold M. Grodsky, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Dr. Grodsky received his BS & MS from the University of Illinois, and his PhD in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley. After a Fellowship at Cambridge University, he joined the faculty at UCSF and is now Professor of Biochemisty & Medicine (Emeritus, Active).

Dr. Grodsky is currently a consultant to laboratories in the Diabetes Center. He was the developer of the first precipitating radio immunoassay (insulin). His group published over 250 papers on the mechanisms involved in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin, with emphasis on the kinetics and quantitative relationships of these mechanisms. From these studies came the original description of the fast and slow phases of insulin release and the hypothesis that insulin is stored in compartments of differing availability for release. Honors include: The Rumbaugh Award from the JDRF, which also sponsors an Annual Gerold Grodsky Award for Basic Research in Diabetes; A Merit Award from the NIH; A. Lifetime Achievement Award from the UCSF Diabetes Center which later created the Gerold Grodsky, PhD Chair in Diabetes Research; and, he is a recipient of The Paul Lacy Prize from the US Midwestern Islet Group.