Marc D. Breton, PhD
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Dr. Marc D. Breton is Associate Professor at the University of Virginia and Associate Director and co-founder of the Center for Diabetes Technology. He received a Master of Science in Automatic Control from Ecole Centrale de Lille, France in 2001 and a PhD in System Engineering from UVa in 2004. Dr Breton’s research is centered on bringing engineering techniques such as mathematical modeling, simulation, signal processing and automatic control into the field of medicine and clinical practice, with a focus on diabetes technology, in particular the assessment and control of sugar levels in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Dr. Breton’s research is funded by the National Institute of Health, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Industrial partners. Dr. Breton is author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications and holds more than 20 patents and patent applications in the field of diabetes technology.

Expertise: Metabolic simulation; Mathematical Modeling; Diabetes Technology; Artificial pancreas