Sara Bachmann, MD
University Children's Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Sara Bachmann is a pediatric diabetologist and endocrinologist and works as a medical specialist at University Children’s Hospital Basel. She is an experienced clinician in pediatric diabetology as well as endocrinology and completed her training at the University Children’s Hospital Bern, the University Children’s Hospital Basel as well as in Munich (Dr. von Hauner Children’s University Hospital). Her main research interest lies in pediatric diabetology and focuses on nocturnal hypoglycemia and the prediction of hypoglycemic events in children with diabetes. Previous projects of the UKBB diabetes research team such as the DIAactive study evaluated the impact of physical activity on nocturnal hypoglycemia. In the DIAheart study, changes in ECG, heart rate and heart rate variability in the context of nocturnal hypoglycemia were studied. Current projects combine these measurements by collecting various physiological parameters together with sensor glucose.