Naunihal Virdi, MD, MBA, FACP
Abbott Diabetes Care, Alameda, California

I am the Regional Medical Director, US and Canada at Abbott Diabetes Care since the summer of 2018. We at Abbott want to move standard of care for glucose monitoring from episodic blood glucose monitoring to continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. An area of interest is to address health inequities, specifically with regards to access to diabetes technologies. At Abbott I have worked with ADA on the Health Equity Now project as well as the Diabetes Inside Project, which is focused on enhancing clinical outcomes and quality for people with diabetes.

I earned my MD from the University of Miami and MBA from the University of Notre Dame. I am board certified in Internal Medicine. Since 2005, I have been working in the Medical Devices industry beginning with LifeScan in their former Milpitas, CA office as well as the startup, Proteus Digital Health. Areas of research interest include use of real-world data to assess the value of health technologies for patients, their families, clinicians, and health systems and payors.