Mark Swerdlow, MS
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Mark Swerdlow is a rising 4th year medical student at USC Keck currently on a research year to pursue plastic and reconstructive surgery. Observing in diabetic foot clinic during his first semester, he envisioned the Foot Selfie system. He subsequently designed, programmed, and manufactured the system and completed a feasibility study to prove the concept. In the process, he participated in 3 years of clinical wound-care research. Previously, he studied electrical engineering at Stanford where he completed a B.S. (bio-electronics/bio-imaging) and M.S. (signal processing). He spent 3 years working in a computational cardiology lab working on signal/image processing and machine learning projects to better identify ablation targets in atrial fibrillation. Ultimately, he hopes to combine his engineering background with his medical training to work on technology and projects that help improve patient’s lives.