Rahul Narayan, MS
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon

Rahul is a doctoral candidate at OHSU in Dr.Peter Jacobs’ AIMS(Artificial Intelligence for Medical Systems) lab. The lab specializes in researching, designing and translating novel medical devices and systems for use by patients(predominantly for Type 1 Diabetes) within natural living environments. His research projects include
(i) Combining ODE and Machine Learning models for prediction of meal response in T1D patients
(ii) Image recognition on meal images to automatically detect macronutrient content
(iii) GANs for modeling errors in ODE models
(iv) Dual-hormone (insulin and pramlintide), fully automated closed-loop systems for T1D patients
Rahul received his M.S. degrees in Biomedical engineering and Computer Science & Engineering from University of Connecticut in 2014. Since then he has worked in the industry (Nike, Amazon) in a few areas within the machine learning domain such as speech recognition, fraud detection, and recommendation algorithms. When he’s not working Rahul likes to dabble in fun robotics projects, run trails and play tennis.