Christopher Wilson, PhD
Listerdale Lifescience BV, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Dr Wilson graduated from the University of Hull in medicinal chemistry in the UK but quickly switched to the field of materials chemistry. He completed his PhD in advanced organic materials and moved to the USA to the University of Pennsylvania in the Laboratory for Research into the Structure of Matter where he worked on translation of design of condensed state materials into aqueous self-assembly where he was part of the team that discovered the artificial cell membrane mimics termed dendrimersomes. Chris begun his industrial career back in the UK at Smith and Nephew PLC where he lead a multidisciplinary team in their global wound management business. In 2011 Chris founded NovioSense BV a privately owned medical device company focused on developing a glucose sensor for the lower eyelid for use in diabetic patients. In 2020 NovioSense BV was sold to WMC Group LLC.