Akhil Srinivasan, PhD
Medtronic Diabetes, Washington DC, USA

Akhil Srinivasan is a Sr. Engineering Manager in Medtronic Diabetes, Sensor R&D. He manages teams focused on Sensor Flex Design, Process Development & Transfer, and an R&D Micro-Fabrication Line. He serves as the Advisory Board Chair of the NIH Atlanta Center for Microsystems-Engineered Point-of-Care Technologies. Prior to Medtronic, Akhil received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering as part of a dual-degree program from the Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University. His Ph.D. specialized in the development of fully implantable BioMEMS devices for Neural Interfacing with focal areas in microfabrication, biomaterials & tissue regeneration, and electrophysiological signal analysis. While there, he served as the Technical Program Manager for a Georgia Tech Research Program participating in the U.S. Department of Defense DARPA Reliable Neural-Interface Technology initiative. Concurrently, Akhil completed a 2 year Fellowship in the technology innovation program TI:GER® at Georgia Tech focusing on strategies for technology innovation, lab-to-market translation, and entrepreneurial ventures. He received his BS from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.