Keesha Perkins-Crosby, MS
Tri-Guard Risk Solutions, LTD, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Keesha M. Crosby is the Founder of Tri-Guard Risk Solutions (T-GRS). Keesha has more than 24 years hands-on experience in security engineering. Ms. Crosby earned her Bachelor of Science Mathematics from Tuskegee University and Masters in Engineering from George Washington University. Her research was published by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in SP 800-160 Appendix J in May 2016 and serves as the first ever software assurance/security controls. She has published software security articles in peer reviewed journals like such as IEEE, Diabetes Technology Journal, and Crosstalk (Defense Software Engineering Journal). She was awarded a patent in December 2016 for upcoming product - Software Assurance Compliance verification and Risk Evaluation (SACRE) and has four associated patents pending. Additionally, SACRE is on schedule to commercially launch spring 2021.

T-GRS has been involved in leading edge cybersecurity research and development with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), NIST, and the Department of Energy (DOE). As a result of these efforts, Tri-Guard has developed a SACRE tool to address the critical cybersecurity issues surround exploitable software defects. SACRE is a risk-based software security tool that ranks software weaknesses before they become vulnerabilities. SACRE brings security compliance to software utilizing various industry and government compliance standards such as NIST SP 800-53, Common Criteria, PCI-DSS, ISO, HIPAA, and Industrial Control Systems Regulation to fix problem before the software is operationally deployment. SACRE is currently being customized for the Navy.