Barry Ginsberg, MD, PhD
Diabetes Technology Consultants, Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

Dr. Ginsberg is the CEO of Diabetes Technology Consultants. Until 2007 he was Vice President for WorldWide Medical Affair for at BD Medical Systems, leading medical aspects of the diabetes program for 17 years. Dr Ginsberg is an expert, blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring and implantable sensors. He was on the Board of Directors of three biotechnology companies and was or is consulting medical director for 10 biotechnology companies. He was chair of the advisory group of the China Diabetes Education Project and Co-chair of the committee on Standards for cybersecurity of diabetes devices.

Dr Ginsberg joined BD from the University of Iowa, where he was professor of internal medicine and biochemistry. He was the PI of the DCCT at Iowa.

He has an MD and PhD in Molecular Biology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at Beth Israel Hospital with a fellowship in endocrinology at the Diabetes Branch of the NIH. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology.
Dr Ginsberg was the president of Computer Diabetes Educators which created a commercial diabetes game for the Apple II and a commercial simulation of blood glucose control for the PC