Marc Breton, PhD
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Dr. Marc Breton, is associate professor at the University of Virginia and the Associate Director of Research at the UVA Center for Diabetes Technology. His research is centered on bringing engineering techniques such as mathematical modeling, simulation, signal processing, and automatic control into the field of medicine and clinical practice. Dr. Breton and colleagues designed the first (and to date only) simulation environment accepted by the US Food & Drugs Administration as replacement for animal studies in pre-clinical assessment of insulin treatment strategies, and is now in charge of its update and further development. He has been principal investigator on many research projects aimed at designing and testing new insulin delivery strategies capable of avoiding hypoglycemia and reducing hyperglycemia (e.g. Artificial Pancreas, AP), from the early design stage to the pivotal clinical trials. Dr Breton and colleagues successfully translated their AP work to clinical practice, leading to the first FDA approved AP system with automated corrections.