David Price MD
Dexcom, San Diego, California

Dr. Price is Vice President of Medical Affairs at Dexcom. His responsibilities have included leading the strategy, design, and interpretation of clinical trials and usability studies, developing and executing publication strategies, supporting investigator- initiated studies, and providing medical input into product development and risk management processes. Dr. Price leads clinical discussions with regulators, advocacy groups, professional societies, and payers. He successfully led the Dexcom team in a FDA advisory panel hearing to expand the indication for Dexcom G5 CGM system to replace blood glucose measurements for diabetes management. He ideated and led the steering committee for the DIAMOND Study that established the value of CGM in diverse insulin injectors and did the same for the ongoing MOBILE and COMMITED studies examining the value of CGM in non-intensive insulin users. Dr. Price previously worked at LifeScan and was responsible for developing clinical decision support solutions and leading the clinical research program. Dr. Price is from Cleveland, OH, received his undergraduate baccalaureate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and his medical degree from the Ohio State University. He completed his internship and residency at the Maine Medical Center and his clinical fellowship at the Joslin Diabetes Center.