Mark Prausnitz PhD
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Mark Prausnitz is Regents’ Professor and J. Erskine Love, Jr. Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned BS degree from Stanford University and PhD degree from MIT, both in chemical engineering. Dr. Prausnitz and colleagues carry out research on biophysical methods of drug delivery using microneedles, lasers, ionic liquids and other microdevices especially for transdermal and ocular delivery of drugs and vaccines. He also studies novel ways of collecting interstitial fluid from the skin using microneedles and other approaches. Dr. Prausnitz teaches an introductory course on engineering calculations, as well as two advanced courses on pharmaceuticals. He has published more than 270 journal articles and has co-founded five start-up companies including Micron Biomedical and Clearside Biomedical.