Sacha Uelmen, RD, CDE
American Diabetes Association, Arlington, Virginia

Sacha's relationship with ADA is not new. She maintained recognition for the adult diabetes education program through the ADA as well as the State of Michigan Health and Human Services recognition programs while working at University of Michigan.  Sacha’s background provides the ADA a variety of experience. She has facilitated group type 1 and type 2 diabetes education classes and became a certified insulin pump trainer on four brands of insulin pumps as well as both continuous glucose monitors. In response to patient requests, she founded and facilitated the Type 1 support group at the University of Michigan. There she also implemented a dietitian-led CDC Diabetes Prevention Program and worked with local insurers to pilot reimbursement for the program

Sacha grew up in Flint, Michigan where her father opened a pita bread bakery and the first Mediterranean food market in the area when she was a toddler.  Sacha worked in the bakery and helped her father prepare authentic Lebanese foods throughout her childhood and teen aged years strengthening her passion for food. 

With her unique combination of experience, including a stint working in in weight management and earning both a Certificate in Adult Weight Management Level 1 and Level 2, plus growing up in Flint, she knew she wanted to work with underserved populations. She moved to Detroit, MI and began her RD career counseling patients with chronic kidney disease who were facing dialysis with a goal of preventing dialysis treatment.

Her current position offers her the opportunity to fulfill those goals and provide ongoing inroads toward providing underserved people reasonable, affordable access and education to live a healthy life.