Korey Hood, PhD
Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA

Dr. Korey Hood aims to promote health and quality of life outcomes for people with diabetes. As a psychologist and clinical researcher, there are two content threads to his work: 1) construct prevention and treatment programs to address modifiable psychological and family factors that create barriers to optimal diabetes management, and 2) optimize the use of devices and technologies to improve health outcomes. Dr. Hood’s team at Stanford created www.DiabetesWise.org and carries out clinical and research protocols underway in adult and pediatric clinics. Dr. Hood is the chair of the American Diabetes Association’s Behavioral Medicine and Psychology Interest Group and a member of the Research Policy Committee. Dr. Hood is presently an Associate Editor for both Diabetes Care and Pediatric Diabetes. Dr. Hood and his research team have published over 135 scientific articles on these topics and are active presenters at diabetes, behavioral medicine, and advocacy conferences.